What Our Customers Think

I was impressed with many aspects of ShortUrl. One of those aspects is that SharePoint ShortUrl is written as SharePoint software, and it stores all the ShortUrls as items in a SharePoint list.Reviewed by Todd Klindt (SharePoint MVP)
We are now using ShortUrl in public production farm and it does exactly what it promises. Well worth the investment.Jorma Oksanen
SharePoint ShortUrl is a very useful. The flexibility of the product is observed in several key areas and the support from the supplier has been outstanding.Dave Hamu
We have just recently installed the tool in our Production SharePoint Internet environment and our users have provided nothing but positive feedback. Philip Wintermyer

Key Features of SharePoint ShortUrl

SharePoint ShortUrl is a SharePoint solution that allows the creation and use of vanity and shortcut hyperlinks fully integrated within the SharePoint environment. SharePoint ShortUrl is used and trusted by many of the top companies worldwide!

SharePoint ShortUrl
Multilingual Compatible!

SharePoint ShortUrl Installs on any Language Pack.

SharePoint ShortUrl
Excellent UK Support!

We value our Customers and provide outstanding support.

SharePoint ShortUrl
Mature Software (V10)

Developed by SharePoint experts, we have been Shortening Url’s since SharePoint 2007.

SharePoint ShortUrl
SharePoint ShortUrl
Simple to Use!

Very easy to use, no training required.

SharePoint ShortUrl
Tightly integrated!

All code is managed within the SharePoint environment.

SharePoint ShortUrl
Feature Packed!

Instant access via Site Actions and Items Context Menu. Tracking List, My ShortUrl’s and more...